SMART Strengths Training, Workshops, and Consulting

The following is how we can support you as you implement SMART Strengths practices:

  • Bulk purchases of SMART Strengths. Contact us for orders of 20 books or more.
  • Decision Maker Q&A Webinars. For leadership teams considering how to integrate the SMART Strengths approach into current efforts.
  • One-Day Leadership Base Training. Participants complete assigned pre-work to enable significant coverage of key concepts and practices in one day.
    • Identify and Use Your SMART Strengths (2 Hours)
    • SMART Strengths Thinking (2 hours)
    • SMART Strengths Relationship Building (1 hour)
    • SMART Strengths Goal Setting & Action Planning (1 hour)
  • Policy Leadership Briefings. We provide presentations and keynote speeches for school board members, other local political leadership, community organizations, parent groups, and interested stakeholders.
  • Community Workshops. SMART Strengths training for businesses, government, and community organizations.  Externally funded. Builds support for your efforts.
  • Four-Day Teacher-Leader SMART Strengths Training. Foundational training in the fundamental success and resilience skills of SMART Strengths.
  • SMART Strengths Application Support. Webinars, discussion groups, listservs, e-communities, coaching, and consulting to support SMART Strengths teachers and leaders in the application of SMART Strengths in their classrooms and schools.
  • Teacher-Trainer Development. E-learning, advanced workshops, supervised training and coaching to develop SMART Strengths Teacher-Trainers for continued Teacher-Leader training within your organization.

How much does it cost?  Our goal is a long-term relationship that helps you significantly increase the performance of your system or school in a sustainable manner.  If that is your goal, we are affordable. Set up an appointment to talk to us. To get the conversation started, we will include a one-hour Decision Maker Q&A Webinar with any bulk order of SMART Strengths: The Parent-Teacher-Coach Guide to Building Character, Resilience and Relationships in Youth.