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SMART Strengths Operating Together

“What’s your good news?” One of us, Dave, was sitting with a young lawyer and asked this to start the exercise. The young man responded, “We just finished a big arbitration, and I handled the expert witness.” Green Light Responding  We were in a mentoring training for a law firm (the SMART Strengths skills are […]

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SMART Strengths & LIFT – Question 2

This is the second in a series of posts about combining SMART Strengths and Lift: Becoming a Positive Force in Any Situation by Ryan and Robert Quinn. LIFT offers four questions that, if asked and answered conscientiously can help us become a positive force in any situation. The four questions are: What result do I […]

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Making Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly’s “A-Team”

Brian Kelly, third year coach at Notre Dame is poised to lead the Irish to the NCAA National Championship game on January 7th, 2013. Just before training camp started for the 2012 season, Dr. John Yeager had an opportunity to interview Coach Kelly about resilience, and his approach to coaching. You can see the first […]

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