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Policing our Strengths – Building Productivity and Relationships with the Indiana State Police

Working in law enforcement in the 21st century can be very demanding in a chaotic and challenging world. SMART Strengths has been fortunate to work with the Indiana State Police and most recently with two different groups from the Criminal Investigations Division. This arm of the ISP investigates serious felony complaints and then assist local […]

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Leadership: The Most Poorly Named VIA Strength

Chris Peterson has summed up the key findings of positive psychology with the three word phrase, “Other people matter.” Simple, but with surprising depth.  A corollary of this principle for groups of people is, “Leaders matter.” Starting with this post, we’re going to consider how SMART Strengths helps generate the leaders and leadership that schools, […]

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Steve Jobs & SMART School Leadership: Part 1

“Schools should be run like a business,” is a statement that is almost guaranteed to generate arguments in the education world, but Steve Jobs might rank as high as anyone among recent business leaders that educators would be willing to learn from. For one thing, tons of teachers, leaders and students use products daily that […]

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