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Thinking & Grieving

This post deals is inspired by a blog post from a fellow MAPPster, Lucy Hone, 2010, who is coping with grief from the death of her 12-year-old daughter, pulling on what she learned from MAPP, and sharing the process with the world. She powerfully rebuts “The Fluffy Fallacy” (that positive psychology is “fluffy” – not […]

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SMART Strengths & LIFT Question 3: Michael thinks about others.

The third question that LIFT suggests to become a positive force in any situation is, “How do others feel about the situation?” As human beings, we are capable of caring for others because we care for others, not just to promote own interests. However, it is easy to slip out of this state and start to […]

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Deep Patterns of Happiness

When we teach SMART Strengths skills, strengths are generally “easy” to teach and the cognitive skills (Flexible & Accurate Thinking, Mindsets) are “hard”.  (Goal setting is also hard, but not like the cognitive skills, and the Relationship Skills are easier. Appreciative Questioning is easier on an interpersonal level than as a process for groups.) Participants like strengths, […]

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