Loaded with activities, resources, and real-life examples, SMART Strengths is the new gold standard in the field of positive education. The SMART model demonstrates how to change a school system, one person at a time, so that it is not just about bringing positive education to students; it is also about maximizing the strengths of the adults who interact with them in every environment that fosters character and achievement.

Each chapter of SMART Strengths includes stories, research, and practical exercises intended to help you see parenting, teaching, and coaching through a different lens—one that promotes strengths, resilience, and relationships—so your children, students, and players can live lives of increased engagement, achievement, and meaning.

SMART Strengths will help you  build:

  • awareness and understanding of personal strengths
  • the habit of seeing strengths in others
  • flexible optimism
  • relationship skills
  • hope

We believe that even in an era of test-based accountability, our approach is the surest, fastest, and most sustainable toward creating the best schools, including, but not limited to test scores. Our workshops, coaching, and consulting are an investment in the lives of the participants and their communities, both in school and beyond.