SMART Strengths is the definitive, research-supported
guide to building character, resilience, and relationships in youth and their adult mentors.


As an individual teacher, coach, or parent, SMART Strengths can help you find new pathways to your most important goals with your students, players, or children.  Read it all the way through, or go right to a chapter that interest you.  You will find both science and stories of how teachers, coaches, and parents have used the SMART Strengths approach.  They have achieved greater personal success and well-being and have helped their students, players, and children to achieve greater well-being and more success.  See the specific, tested ways we and other SMART Strengths pioneers have developed and proven in our own lives and our teaching, coaching, and parenting.

SMART Strengths is also a rich resource for groups working together – school faculty, or even an entire school system.  For more on how we can help you get benefit from Smart Strengths see our Consulting & Programs.

“Loaded with activities, resources, and real-life examples, SMART Strengths is the new gold standard in the field of positive education. The SMART model demonstrates how to change a school system, one person at a time, so that it is not only about bringing positive education to students; it is also about maximizing the strengths of the adults who interact with them in every environment that fosters character and achievement”.  ~More Praise for SMART Strengths